Est The Glowing Cream Makeup Sponge 1 Pc

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How you can use: Place the groundwork around the temple as well as the cheekbones. With a curved sponge, apply lightly while holding down with a pom pom. For other areas, do gently touch the other components and allow them to slip. If it's tough to change to little parts like the eyes or maybe nose, do another side to alter. Constantly maintain the sponge fresh. Wash off with a tissue after usage. In the event it becomes dirty, make use of a diluted basic laundry detergent and also gently press it with the fingertips of yours. Then rinse very well, empty with a bath towel, and dried out. Don't make use of water that is hot or even place it set up. If you set it in the situation, make sure you dried out it well

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